Die 5 Säulen des Islam – 2 Kinder – Islamisches Kinderbuch

Bindung: Softcover oder Hardcover

Seiten: 26, 160 g/m² Papier

Format: A4 Querformat, 21 x 29,7 cm

Mit unserem personalisierten islamischen Kinderbuch nimmst du deine Kinder mit auf eine wunderbare Reise zu den 5 Säulen des Islam.

Dieses Buch kann als Geschwister- oder Freundebuch konfiguriert werden.

Inhalt des Buches:

In unserem personalisierten Kinderbuch “Die 5 Säulen des Islam” reisen deine Kinder gemeinsam in einem Heißluftballon um die Welt und erkunden die 5 Säulen des Islam.


  • 2 Kinder

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Hardcover, Softcover

The 5 pillars of Islam

Personalized children’s book for 2 children

With this personalized Islamic children’s book you take your children on a wonderful journey to the 5 pillars of Islam. In “The 5 Pillars of Islam ” your children fly over the world in a hot air balloon . They explore and learn the five pillars of Islam, the “ Arkan al-Islam ”.

With our new personalized Islamic children’s book you take your children on a wonderful journey to the 5 pillars of Islam.
This book can be configured as a sibling or friend book.

Content of the book:

In our personalized children’s book “The 5 Pillars of Islam”, your children will travel around the world together in a hot air balloon and explore the 5 pillars of Islam.
These are:

  • Shahada – The Creed
  • Salah – The prayer
  • Zakat – The compulsory payment
  • hem – the fasting
  • Hajj – The Pilgrimage

Find out how we tell the 5 pillars of Islam in a child-friendly way and with your child as the main character:

The first journey with the hot air balloon leads over the beauty of our earth. We tell what it means to pronounce the Shahada.

After that, your children will fly to a mosque. Arriving at a mosque, the second pillar of Islam, salah, is explained.
After a prayer in the mosque, the flight continues.

In a beautiful and magical night with the hot air balloon, the topic of “zakat” is told in a playful way.

That night your children will fly on to the next pillar of Islam. the fasting The children see the lights of the Muslims in the apartments during the Sahur and thus learn to wake up before sunrise.
Later we continue for your main characters. They fly over Ramadan tents where Muslims are doing iftar together just after sunset. You will learn how to break the fast.

After these stations comes the highlight of the trip. Your children will fly over Mecca and learn about the Hajj.

After a wonderful and unique hot air balloon trip, we head back home.

Cover: softcover or hardcover
Pages: 26, 170 g / qm2 paper
Binding: hardcover or adhesive binding