5 Säulen des Islam

The 5 pillars of Islam – 2 children – Islamic children’s book

Take your kids on a wonderful journey to the 5 pillars of Islam with our personalized Islamic children’s book.

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4-12 years

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21 x 29,7 cm


Hard- & Softcover


Islamic children's book

Customized for your children

5 Säulen des Islam - Kinderbuch

Bright colors. Children's eyes light up. Discover magical scenes around the 5 pillars of Islam.

5 Säulen des Islam - Kinderbuch

Turning her head. Discover the Suhoor with interactive fun. Turn the book and read!

5 Säulen des Islam - islamisches Kinderbuch

Fly, fly, fly. Fly to Mecca together and get to know the Hajj.

The 5 pillars
of Islam: Arkan al-Islam

5 Säulen des Islam

The wonderful journey to the 5 pillars of Islam

Send your children on a journey full of adventure with the hot air balloon “Arkan al-Islam” to the “5 pillars of Islam”. Your children fly to a mosque to learn about prayer. Then we move on to a magical scene to understand the “Zakat”. After more flights over Ramadan scenes and over Mecca, your children will return home with the knowledge of the 5 pillars of Islam.

Your children in the Islamic children's book

Design a personalized Islamic children’s book just for your children

The five pillars of Islam - Islamic children's book

Personalized & Islamic children’s book for YOUR child?
Get to know our 2nd personalized & Islamic children’s book:
“The 5 Pillars of Islam”.
Let your child discover the 5 pillars of Islam in a playful way and with their own name in the book!
Die 5 Säulen des Islam
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fünf säulen des islam

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Ravza Ensar Rima Fatma Bila Asiye und die 5 Säulen des Islam

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