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Islamisches Kinderbuch

Salam, Ramadan!

Are you looking for a Ramadan gift for your child?

With this book, you can strengthen your child’s identity and learn about the holy month of Ramadan together and through play.

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Personalised Islamic children's books


"Ramadan Mubarak"

Your children experience the holy month of Ramadan and learn about it in a personalised way.

The Five Pillars of Islam

On a wonderful journey in a hot air balloon, your children will learn about the five pillars of Islam

Die wunderbare Geschichte von Eid al-Adha

Your children will learn the history of the festival of sacrifice, Eid al-Adha.
The Islamic children's book industry is behind the times. There are not enough innovative and contemporary Islamic children's books.

We think that should change.

Find out how we plan to do that.

Our idea:
The Battutabooks: Personalised Islamic Children's Books

Die 5 Säulen des Islam

Battutabooks are personalised & Islamic children’s books. Battutabooks deal exclusively with Islamic themes in child-friendly language and unique illustrations in an Islamic context. 

We work with religious educators to transform the most beautiful and important Islamic themes into a children’s book.

Why Battutabooks?

Each book is unique!

A book ONLY for your child/children! Can also be personalised with a parent.